Alin Foundation Heart Attack prevention and warning reasearch


Heart monitorEvery year, over one and a half million people suffer heart attacks in the United States alone. A third of them do not survive. Yet, according to a study sponsored by the American Heart Association, many of those who die from heart attacks could have been saved if they had gone to the emergency room just one hour sooner.

Many heart attack victims ignore the early symptoms, mistaking them for indigestion, muscle pain, or ordinary fatigue. By the time they become worried enough to seek medical attention, it is too late. If the same people could be warned that their symptoms are serious, millions of lives would be saved.

Alin Foundation's HeartAlarm wristwatchNow, the early warning system is here. The HeartAlarm™ warns the wearer an hour or more before a heart attack occurs. Before the heart attack, there is time to go to an emergency room and receive medications that will minimize or even prevent the attack.

The HeartAlarm™ wristwatch is different from the wearable monitors currently available. Other monitors are cumbersome harnesses that are very expensive, and available only by prescription. They do not warn the wearer of heart attacks, but keep a record of the heart's electrical activity that must be studied by a physician. The HeartAlarm™ watch is the first and only system of its kind: practical, lightweight, inexpensive, and designed to warn the wearer at the first sign of a heart attack.